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'Orphée mort' par Jean Delville

Orphée ramenant Eurydice des enfersCamille Corot, 1861

Alan Stivell - La  Dame du Lac (The Lady of the lake)

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How to live when something prevent you from living ?

Jeremy, Alexandra, Adrien

Flavien, Amicie, Hadrien

Taynja, Marion, Julie, Laura..

And my most important one, the one I’ll always love no matter what, the one I’ll never forget, the one who soothed my soul, who made me feel alive

My beloved one


-Those are the names of the people I love, my dear friends. I am unable to reach them, or even talk to them, it’s been several years already, some less and some more. I miss them. I’m missing my life. Time flies but I can’t feel it, because I can’t feel anything. I’m stuck in my memories. My mind is my prison. Time flies and I’m not there. Je me consume.

How much I wish I could be there for you

I feel so guilty,

and I’m so sorry